hackade.org BotDNS

botdns.hackade.org is a proof of concept and a DNS zone for testing purpose.

The authoritative DNS server for the zone is a custom server which responds to a list of commands.

It can be use to perform tests on a DNS software, or to check a network security and configuration.

If the command format is incorrect or type is not a A query the server answer is NXDOMAIN code. TTL (refresh) for answer is set to 10s. The bot responds only on type A DNS query.

List of commands

Get current time

A DNS request on time.botdns.hackade.org return the current time in the IPv4 answer. The first digit of the IP address is 127, then hours, minutes, and seconds.

Get current date

Like time the A DNS request on date.botdns.hackade.org answer 127, then days, month and year.

Get a random

A DNS request on random.botdns.hackade.org return a random IP address in


localhost.botdns.hackade.org statically responds

Server IP

nsip.botdns.hackade.org statically responds the bot IP address.

Log a message

something-log.botdns.hackade.org logs the string before “-log” to this log file.

String size is truncate to 256 characters and logfile rotates to keep only 30 last messages.

Get a private IP resolution

(ip_addrress)-ip.botdns.hackade.org resolves to (ip_address).

The IP address must be a private IPv4 address.

How to use

On GNU/Linux shell, type:

host -t A <command>.botdns.hackade.org

For example:

$ host -t A time.botdns.hackade.org
time.botdns.hackade.org has address


The infrastructure is not designed to be used as a production resolver or for intensive usage. Please, don’t abuse the system.